O-Tabs International, LLC
Oxygen Supply To Keep Your Bait Alive

OTABS ( see product below)

Bait & Tackle Shops, Pet Shops, Koi Dealers, Fish Hatcheries and anyone selling fish for transport can benefit from OTABs.

  1. Each Tab Releases 90% Oxygen and 10% Carbon Dioxide
  2. For use in Saltwater or Freshwater.
  3. Keeps Bait & Tropical Fish alive in buckets or live wells for hours (Shrimp, Fish, Crawfish, Crabs, etc.)
  4. Maintain slime coverage on bait
  5. Easier and cheaper than Oxygen refills
  6. Alternative to bagging with pure oxygen
  7. An unlimited shelf life (stored in cool dry place)
  8. Secure packaging

Perfect for Koi Minnows and Shrimp

Otabs are a one time use tablet packaged in an airtight Metal Canister 1 ¼” in diameter with a metal lid and will keep from one season to the next or longer if stored in a dry place.

Each tablet releases thousands of bubbles of oxygen when dropped into a bait bucket and work for 4 to 6 hours according to size and type of bait.

Otabs Do Not Dissolve and Do Not Contaminate the water.